Features and Benefits of Plan N


Plan N of the most popular Medicare Supplement plans. Like the other Medigap plans, it is standardized plan which means it offers the same benefits to the customers irrespective of the insurance service provider they have bought it from. The Plan N covers 100% of the Original Medicare Part B coinsurance cost. However, the customers need to pay $20 copayment for office visits and $50 for emergency room visits. The Plan N provides all the benefits as provided by Plan G with the exception of the excess Part B charges. The description of the features of the Plan N of the Medicare Supplement plan are provided below:

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Features of Plan N

The Plan N covers the unmet expenses of Original Medicare Part A and Part B. It covers the Original Medicare Part A coinsurance, copayments, and deductible. It covers the Part B coinsurance except for the office visits and emergency room visits for which the customers have to pay copayments of $20 and $50 respectively. The customers also get coverage for Part B preventive care coinsurance and expenses towards first three pints of blood used for any medical procedure. The cost of skilled nursing facility (SNF) coinsurance is also covered under the Plan N of the Medicare Supplement plan. The Plan N also covers 80% of the total cost towards emergency healthcare for the customers within the first 60 days of foreign travel.



The Plan N of the Medicare Supplement plan does not cover the deductible under the Part B of Original Medicare. This means that the customers need to pay the amount equivalent to the deductible under Part B, for the policy benefits to commence. Another major exclusion under the Plan N is the excess charges over Part B. Excess charges are the additional charges which the customers may have to pay over and above the Medicare-approved charges for medical procedures. The doctors who do not accept Medicare Assignment are allowed to charge a maximum excess of 15% over the Medicare-approved rates. The customers under the Plan N have to pay these excess charges on their own.


Is it Suitable for Customers?

Plan N has been slowly gaining popularity among the Medicare Supplement plans. The customers should assess if they can bear with the exclusions under the Plan N. If customers are fine with paying the Part B deductible, excess charges over Part B, and the copayments for each visit to the office of the doctor and the emergency room, then they can opt for Plan N.