Audio Books and Podcasts


These days you don’t need to buy a physical book and carry it with you in order to take in its content. With smart phones, laptops, and tablets, you can buy audio books to listen to your books instead. This a great option if you aren’t a particularly avid reader or if you spend a lot of time in the car and don’t have time to read. There are various apps now that allow you to listen to audio books right in your car, which is especially convenient for long road trips. How would you like to finish an entire book in one car ride?


Make sure you have an internet connection so you are able to download these apps. Your internet browser can be used for more than just learning about different Medicare supplement plans. A great app for audio books is Audible. You can pay for a monthly membership that gives you 1 or 2 credits for audio books each month, or member discounts if you want to buy the book outright without having any credits left for the month.

Most books these days have been read aloud for audio book recordings, so chances are whatever book you are interested in “reading” will be available. Once you purchase your audio book you can download to one or more devices that you own so you can listen to it virtually anywhere you go. On your laptop at home, on your tablet when you are away, or on your phone if you’re in the car. Bookmark your place when you stop listening for a period of time so it will pick right back up where you left off regardless of what device you start listening to it on again.

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Another way to take in information that you love to learn about is through podcasts. Apps like Spotify allow you to subscribe to podcast creators or channels, and listen to episodes. Spotify offers a free version, which stops what you are listening to on occasion to play you an ad for a specific product, or a paid version that will allow you to listen ad free for a monthly fee.


There are a wide variety of podcast creators these days and they create content for a large range of subject matter. From cars, money, travel, or technology, no matter what you are interested in learning about, there is a podcast for you.