Additional benefits under Medicare Supplement Plans

The industry of Medicare Supplement plans has seen a remarkable success after the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act, and according to the study Medicare Supplement Plans 2016 covered almost 17 million or around 33 percent of the total Medicare recipients. The Medicare Supplement plans provide option to the seniors or retirees to get their private health care plans unlike single and rigid perks structure of Original medical security which is directly controlled by the federal government via Centers for Medicare (CMS) and Medicaid Services.

A lot of researchers have done work regarding the service and efficiency of mechanism of health insurance Supplement Plans and Medicare Fee-For-Service, but in doing so, they ignored additional benefits which health insurance Supplement plans bring and which differentiates these plans.  Find out more at

The studies show that many insurers have introduced additional benefits of health insurance Supplement schemes such as gym (fitness programs) in their plans to attract enrollees who love being healthy and fit benefits such as hearing, vision similarly and dental coverage also fall into category of additional benefits of health insurance Supplement schemes. However, organizations like Centers for Medicare (CMS) have said that these additional benefits are only a minor part of Medicare Supplement schemes.  Majority of additional benefits of Medicare Supplement schemes are of great importance to sick enrollees than to healthier ones. As I have mentioned already that health insurance Supplement schemes offer dental care, eye care etc. in addition to calamity of out-of-pocket costs.

Furthermore, additional benefits of health insurance benefit schemes are easily available in places which offer these schemes and great thing about most of them is that they do not charge anything extra (no supplemental premium) for these perks to their beneficiaries and due to this getting these benefits becomes very easy for middle class or even for poor enrollees.

Some other inclusions in the supplemental benefits of health insurance benefit plans could be health insurance Prescription Drug scheme or Part D plan which is offered both in Original medical insurance and in health insurance benefit plans with low charges but only thing which can cause problem is that enrollees should first make sure that whether provider covers their prescription drugs or not because schemes mostly cover only certain drugs. After reading all information which is mentioned above we see that this scheme is designed in such a way to make sure that it provides the benefit to a common senior citizen in an efficient manner.