How to choose your Medicare supplement plans 2018?

With many Medicare plans knocking at your doorsteps asking you to choose one of the many, you might be tempted to buy one and invest in it. But do consider the choice because it might be nothing but a poor investment of money on your part because the plan might not be of any use to you. It might look useful and it is designed to do so, but not maybe for you. Thus, it is very important that when you choose your Medicare supplement plans, you choose accordingly and choose the one that is to benefit you the most in times of your need. So, here are the steps on how you can choose your Medicare supplement plan and not make a disaster: Medicare supplement plans



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  • Since Medicare supplement plan does cover the expenses that your original Medicare was supposed to provide and much more, it is important that you know which one to choose among the two, the Original Medicare or Medicare supplement plan. Make a decision before jumping in and buying a plan and then realizing that it was nothing but a bad investment.
  • Prescription drug coverage in Medicare supplement plan needs to be bought. It is a part of plan and if you want prescription drug coverage you would have to buy it. Thus, you will have to choose whether or not you want the prescription drug coverage in whatever Medicare plan you are choosing to buy. It would be wise if you would consult the agents who are selling you these plans and ask them the best course of action because they would be very happy to help you out.
  • You will have to decide if your supplemental coverage in your Medicare supplement plan because this too have to be bought by you. It is best if you would do your research and search the options available for the best plan and choose accordingly because you are the one who knows what you want and desire best from the plan that you are buying. If you are derailed or confused, you are always welcome to ask help form the agents who are selling the plans.


Do invest your money where you think it is best to invest and not somewhere you might regret later. Choose your plans according to your needs and invest in them.

Features and Benefits of Plan N


Plan N of the most popular Medicare Supplement plans. Like the other Medigap plans, it is standardized plan which means it offers the same benefits to the customers irrespective of the insurance service provider they have bought it from. The Plan N covers 100% of the Original Medicare Part B coinsurance cost. However, the customers need to pay $20 copayment for office visits and $50 for emergency room visits. The Plan N provides all the benefits as provided by Plan G with the exception of the excess Part B charges. The description of the features of the Plan N of the Medicare Supplement plan are provided below:

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Features of Plan N

The Plan N covers the unmet expenses of Original Medicare Part A and Part B. It covers the Original Medicare Part A coinsurance, copayments, and deductible. It covers the Part B coinsurance except for the office visits and emergency room visits for which the customers have to pay copayments of $20 and $50 respectively. The customers also get coverage for Part B preventive care coinsurance and expenses towards first three pints of blood used for any medical procedure. The cost of skilled nursing facility (SNF) coinsurance is also covered under the Plan N of the Medicare Supplement plan. The Plan N also covers 80% of the total cost towards emergency healthcare for the customers within the first 60 days of foreign travel.



The Plan N of the Medicare Supplement plan does not cover the deductible under the Part B of Original Medicare. This means that the customers need to pay the amount equivalent to the deductible under Part B, for the policy benefits to commence. Another major exclusion under the Plan N is the excess charges over Part B. Excess charges are the additional charges which the customers may have to pay over and above the Medicare-approved charges for medical procedures. The doctors who do not accept Medicare Assignment are allowed to charge a maximum excess of 15% over the Medicare-approved rates. The customers under the Plan N have to pay these excess charges on their own.


Is it Suitable for Customers?

Plan N has been slowly gaining popularity among the Medicare Supplement plans. The customers should assess if they can bear with the exclusions under the Plan N. If customers are fine with paying the Part B deductible, excess charges over Part B, and the copayments for each visit to the office of the doctor and the emergency room, then they can opt for Plan N.

Additional benefits under Medicare Supplement Plans

The industry of Medicare Supplement plans has seen a remarkable success after the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act, and according to the study Medicare Supplement Plans 2016 covered almost 17 million or around 33 percent of the total Medicare recipients. The Medicare Supplement plans provide option to the seniors or retirees to get their private health care plans unlike single and rigid perks structure of Original medical security which is directly controlled by the federal government via Centers for Medicare (CMS) and Medicaid Services.

A lot of researchers have done work regarding the service and efficiency of mechanism of health insurance Supplement Plans and Medicare Fee-For-Service, but in doing so, they ignored additional benefits which health insurance Supplement plans bring and which differentiates these plans.  Find out more at

The studies show that many insurers have introduced additional benefits of health insurance Supplement schemes such as gym (fitness programs) in their plans to attract enrollees who love being healthy and fit benefits such as hearing, vision similarly and dental coverage also fall into category of additional benefits of health insurance Supplement schemes. However, organizations like Centers for Medicare (CMS) have said that these additional benefits are only a minor part of Medicare Supplement schemes.  Majority of additional benefits of Medicare Supplement schemes are of great importance to sick enrollees than to healthier ones. As I have mentioned already that health insurance Supplement schemes offer dental care, eye care etc. in addition to calamity of out-of-pocket costs.

Furthermore, additional benefits of health insurance benefit schemes are easily available in places which offer these schemes and great thing about most of them is that they do not charge anything extra (no supplemental premium) for these perks to their beneficiaries and due to this getting these benefits becomes very easy for middle class or even for poor enrollees.

Some other inclusions in the supplemental benefits of health insurance benefit plans could be health insurance Prescription Drug scheme or Part D plan which is offered both in Original medical insurance and in health insurance benefit plans with low charges but only thing which can cause problem is that enrollees should first make sure that whether provider covers their prescription drugs or not because schemes mostly cover only certain drugs. After reading all information which is mentioned above we see that this scheme is designed in such a way to make sure that it provides the benefit to a common senior citizen in an efficient manner.

Medicare and Medicare Supplement

According to most of the research studies more and more people are enrolling themselves in the Medicare benefit schemes due to their cool premiums and total health care in a single place. To understand it in a better way you can think of it that 1 in every three enrollees is a member of Medicare Supplement plans. The percentage of Medicare Supplement enrollees has increased dramatically than the 13 percent back in 2004. Let us discuss Medicare Supplementvs. Medicare.  Want to find out more ?  Visit


According to the recent study published by the U.S Government Accountability Office, the ill enrollees of health insurance SupplementPlans who spend massive amounts of healthcare are the ones who are more likely to cancel their enrollment than those who are not sick (healthy). According to another study from Brown University, enrollees of Medicare SupplementPlans are also more likely to stay in low-quality nursing facility than enrollees of Original Medicare.

The healthier enrollees who do not need to visit hospitals or doctors often are at an supplementwith Medicare SupplementPlans because of cheaper premiums of medical security Supplementthan those Part B premiums, Part D Prescription Drug plan, and Medigap policy in Original Medicare. When members of health insurance Supplementschemes get sick then they realize that their plan does not allow them to visit doctor and hospital facility of their choice moreover, they need to get a referral from their primary care doctor to see a specialist in some schemes. Majority of the medical security benefit Plans bound their members to only use services of in-network service providers, therefore; this requirement mostly drives sick patients to remove their enrollment.

Private insurance companies provide health insurance benefit plans. Therefore, every health insurance benefit plan has its own monthly premium, and some of health insurance Supplementplans have premiums as low as $0 per month.

Good thing about health insurance benefit plan is that when someone enrolls in it even then, they still have their Original Medicare and have to pay usual monthly premium of Part B.

Policies of plans mentioned above differ from each other. Moreover, a plan which is offered by one company might have different costs and terms and conditions in another insurance company. On one hand, health insurance benefit Plans have their disadvantage, but on other hand, these plans offer a range of choice to all sorts of people to choose plan which fulfills their needs.

Reasons for Popularity of Plan F


Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most favorite plan. More than half of the total Medigap policies sold in the US in 2017 were under the Plan F. The Plan F provides the most complete coverage to the customers. It also covers the deductible under the Medicare Part B. Some of the key features of the Medicare Supplement Plan F and the reasons for it being the most popular Medigap plan are provided below:


Part B Deductible

Plan F, along with Plan C are the only Medicare Supplement Plans to cover the deductible under the Original Medicare Part B. The Original Medicare Part B covers only 80% of the total cost of medical procedures. Under the Plan F, the remaining 20% out-of-pocket expenses are also covered. The customers do not have to worry about meeting the deductible under the Part B as it is covered by the Medigap Plan F.


Coverage for Foreign Trip

The Plan F provides coverage to the customers during foreign trips. The Plan F covers 80% of the total cost of emergency healthcare expenses when the customer is in a foreign country. The limit for coverage for emergency healthcare expenses overseas is $50,000.


Covers Part B Excess Charges

The Medicare prescribes the Medicare fee schedule which are the Medicare-approved charges for Medicare-covered services. A doctor who does not accept the assignment can charge an excess over the Medicare-approved charges. As per law, the doctors can charge a maximum of 15% over the Medicare-approved rates. The customers under Plan F of Medicare Supplement plan do not have to worry about excess charges as it is paid by the Medigap Plan F.


High-Deductible Plan F

The Plan F also comes with a high-deductible variant which allows the customers to reduce their monthly premium if they pay a higher deductible. In the high-deductible variant of the Medicare Supplement Plan F, the customers will pay more towards the Medicare-related costs before the benefits of the Plan F starts. Once the customers reach their deductible, then they get 100% coverage against all out-of-pocket expenses.


Provides Peace of Mind

Plan F provides the most comprehensive coverage and therefore is the most expensive among all the Medicare Supplement plans. However, it provides the most comprehensive and 100% coverage against any out-of-pocket expenses to the customers. The costly monthly premiums though lead to considerable future savings on healthcare-related expenses. Overall, the Plan F offers a complete peace of mind to the customers.

Features and Benefits of Plan G


Plan G of the Medicare Supplement plan has been gaining popularity. It comes closest to the most popular and comprehensive Medigap Plan F.  The only difference between the Plan F and Plan G is that the later does not cover the deductible under the Original Medicare Part B. Further, due to the discontinuation of the Plan F for new customers from January 1, 2020, the customers are considering purchasing the Plan G. The sales of the Plan G have been registering a steady increase due to this. The detailed features and benefits provided by the Plan G of Medigap are provided below:


Features of Plan G

The Plan G covers the unmet expenses of Original Medicare Part A and Part B. It covers the excess charges under the Plan B of the Medicare. The customers are also protected against emergency healthcare expenses while traveling to foreign countries. The maximum limit for foreign travel medical emergency healthcare expenses is $50,000.  It provides coverage for first three pints of blood used in a year and skilled nursing facility care coverage.


Excess Part B Charges

One of the unique features of the Plan G of Medicare Supplement plan is that it covers the Part B excess charges. Medigap Plan F and Plan G are the only plans which cover Part B excess charges. Excess charges are the additional charges which the customers may have to pay over and above the Medicare-approved charges for medical procedures.  Generally, the Medicare has set approved payment rates known as the Medicare fee schedule for different Medicare-covered services. The excess charges are the difference between what the Medicare pays and what the doctor actually charges. The customers may have to pay extra if the doctor does not accept the assignment. As per law, a doctor can charge a maximum of 15% in excess to the Medicare-approved charges. The excess charges are met by the Plan G so the users do not have to pay it out-of-pocket.

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Value for Money

Plan G provides good value for money. It provides all the benefits of Plan F except the deductible for Part B. The deductible for Part B for 2019 is $185. The customers once they reach their deductible, are provided 100% coverage against all out-of-pocket expenses. The difference in premium between Plan F and Plan G is more than the deductible for Part B. The customers can save significantly on the premium compared to the Plan F.

Plan G as a Worthy Alternative to Plan F


Due to the discontinuation of the Plan F for the new customers from January 1, 2020 the customers have been looking out for worthy alternatives to the same. Plan F has been the most popular in the Medicare Supplement plans as it covers all the expenses including the deductible for Part B.  Plan G is the next best alternative to Plan F and the new customers can plan to buy the Plan G. The article provides an overview of the features of the Plan F and Plan G and assesses if the Plan G can be a good alternative to the Plan F.


Features of Plan F

Plan F is the undoubted favorite among the citizens among all the Medicare Supplement plans. It offers the best coverage and benefits to them. The Plan F covers 100% expenses including the deductible of the Part B of the Original Medicare. Customers holding the Plan F do not have to worry about any out-of-pocket expenses as it covers the copayments, coinsurance, and the Part B deductible. It also covers the Part B excess charges and 80% of the expenses towards medical emergency care expenses during foreign trip. However, the Plan F will be discontinued for the new customers from January 1, 2020.


Features of Plan G

Plan G of the Medicare Supplement Plan comes closest to the Plan F in terms of the coverage and benefits offered. The Plan G covers all the expenses and provides all the benefits as the Plan F except the deductible for Part B. Plan F is the most expensive among all the Medigap plans due to its full coverage including the deductible for Part B. Plan G comes at a much lesser premium than the Plan F. The deductible for Part B for the year 2019 is $185 which is much less than the difference in premium between the Plan F and Plan G.

Is Plan G the Best Alternative to Plan F

Plan G is the closest alternative to Plan F. The only difference is the exclusion of the deductible for Part B in the Medicare Supplement Plan G. The Part B deductible for 2019 is fixed at $185 meaning once the customers pay their deductible of $185, they get complete coverage as under Plan F. The premium difference between the Plan F and Plan G is more than the deductible amount of $185. Hence, Plan G offers better value for money to the customers and they can buy the same instead of the Plan F.

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